Determining which golf balls are the best

Golf balls can have a lot to do you with the way you perform on the course. In fact, you can effectively cut your golf handicap just by picking the right ball. Everyone has their own opinion about which golf balls are the best. Most beginners believe the balls that help them travel farthest are best. On the other hand, experienced golfers and professional players may choose balls that give more spin and maneuver well while still in the air and once they land. It's all a matter of personal preference.

One piece balls

Golf balls made up of only new material are known as one-piece balls. These balls are used for practicing on the driving range. They perform adequately and are durable, but they are not good for distance. These golf balls are cheap because they require fewer materials to construct. These balls are best used as practice balls, or for beginning golfers learning to hit and control the ball.

Nailing those distance shots with two piece balls

If increasing distance is your aim, then two piece golf balls will fit the bill. These balls are good for golfers just getting started with the game, or long time high handicap players.

Two piece golf balls are designed to travel far and they are durable so they last for a long time. You won't get much spin around the greens. These golf balls work well for golfers with high handicaps looking to increase distance over control.

Three piece golf balls

A three piece design golf ball with a balata cover can give you more control and accuracy on the green. It has a soft feel which results in high spins. These attributes are exactly what many professional golfers are looking for. It increase control and direction, but it may not be the most durable ball. Three piece golf balls work best for experienced players and those with low handicaps who take less time to make their shots.

Four Piece balls

Here is where technology really starts to come into play. The latest improvement in golf balls has resulted in a four piece ball. These balls are specially designed to combine distance, spin and performance. They are meant to be used by experienced golfers up to professional level players. Each layer is designed to help the ball perform so you get distance using your driver; enough spin with your middle irons and maneuverability with your wedges, and feel with your putter.

New versus used

The used golf ball industry has grown significantly in the last few years. Many golfers looking for a way to save money is what drives these businesses. You can get a high rated, used brand name golf ball that is comparable to the exact same newly purchased golf balls. These balls are often identical in appearance and performance. There is little difference, if any, in the quality of high rated balls - they just provide an opportunity to get the golf balls you want at a discounted price.

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