Used golf balls: why purchase brand new?

Used golf balls are how many smart golfers save money without sacrificing quality. A dozen brand new Titleist ProV1 golf balls can cost almost 60 dollars. If you are inexperienced, you could easily lose a few balls as you develop your skills to become an experienced golfer. When you buy used golf balls, you will worry less about losing them compared to losing expensive new balls.

Why choose used golf balls

The used golf ball business is growing increasingly popular. Do an online search of used golf ball dealers and you will find quality golf balls available to match your performance. There are some used balls in such good condition that it's difficult to tell them apart.

When you begin playing golf for the first time, you need a lot of golf balls. It isn't unusual to lose anywhere from three to five golf balls for each round. This is why used balls are such a good investment for beginning and social golfers.

Understanding the rating system

Companies that sell used golf balls normally have a rating system in place to help consumers determine the quality of the balls they buy. Each company's system may vary, but there are a few similarities to look for:

  • Top of the line golf balls look and feel brand new. Most rating systems refer to top of the line used golf balls as AAA, PERFECT, MINT 1st Quality or Grade 1. It can be almost impossible to distinguish a top of the line used golf balls from brand new balls. After all, the main difference between a used golf ball and a new ball is that the used ball has been hit at least once.
  • Grade A used golf balls are clean with no cuts, nicks or creases that could affect the performance. There could me minor markings on the surface such as a previous owners initials written on the surface.
  • Grade B golf balls are in good condition. They may have a noticeably abrasive surface. Good for recreational golfers, or being used as practice balls.
  • Practice balls. These golf balls may have a few club marks and minor nicks, but they are great for beginning golfers to use for practice.

How much will you save buying used?

You may still wonder whether or not the savings from buying used golf balls over new balls is worth it. Just how much money can you save? Well, you be the judge: A dozen brand new Titleist Pro gold balls cost 58 dollars. A dozen high grade used golf balls purchased from an online dealer cost 24 dollar; Grade A balls cost 18 dollars; and Grade B balls cost 14 dollars with practice golf balls providing the highest savings at eight dollars per pack.

Where to get used golf balls

Used golf balls are usually collected after each game and are cleaned up before reselling them. Take advantage of the savings without sacrificing performance. Many used golf balls are available through companies online.

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